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PalmisMy father was a very great talented Psychic Palmist. When younger I would push my palm in front of him and ask what my lifeline now predicted. He tolerated my constant requests because it would often change shape depending on the life decisions I was making. From a very young age he said I would work for myself, no surprise there when you have both parents self-employed.

Sadly, he passed away 7 years ago today. I wonder what his insights would have said if he was still alive. His ability to predict the future as well as reading people’s past was renowned, and his consultations had to be booked months in advance.

The gift I do share with him is one of insight. I have the ability to see what often looks like a map ahead but instead of lines on the hand it’s more a visual glimpse of what is to come. I was taught that our lines on the hand are energy lines and rhythms. Our energy is clearly shifting, and my sense is its getting smaller focussed more on our local community. Our improved sense of solidarity and awareness of the importance of our mental life, we have also seen things achieved in a short space of time that we could never have predicted as possible.

What will this mean for a business life line -like New Leaf? In the past I have had the, “have bag will travel,” mentality but I can see that this climate map is changing.

I now have very clear visions of the Deep Adaptation messages Resilience, Relinquishment and Restoration.

Resilience asks – How do we keep what we really want to keep?

Relinquishment asks – What do we need to let go of in order to not make matters worse?

Restoration asks – What can we bring to help us with the coming difficulties and tragedies?

Reconciliation asks? What could I make peace with to lessen suffering?

These four questions sit at the heart of any decisions that I now make for the New Leaf to emerge. I feel we need to look at collective wellbeing, but not as a way of avoiding pain, it needs to be embraced as a way of learning how to be with the pain and suffering in the world right now. Hope must not become a distance from the reality of what’s happening right now and I see this the need for realistic optimism as this crisis has brought us closer to what we humanly value in our personal and professional lives.

Deep within all of us we can connect with the best part of ourselves and that part can help us to connect with the best part of those around us. Our sense of agency matters and typically, individuals who are more altruistic, or who rank ‘self-transcending’ values highly, for example benevolence or respect for the environment are more likely to engage in sustainable behaviours, whereas people who are more materialistic and ambitious (known as ‘self-enhancing’ values) are more likely to overlook them. I know where the New Leaf needs to grow further.

My business lifeline means that our values need to be strengthened and nurtured for more meaningful engagement to take place. We need to let go of what doesn’t bring energy to the future and align with the map which is ahead. When a palmist looks at a pair of hands he can see a picture of a person’s whole life at a glance, what I see is a need to be more fluid, to become less fixed and yet retain the core identity of who we are and what we do.

“Spirit is like air, it is all around us. We are a spiritual candle in its midst. Without air we can not live. As long as we are aware of our candle lit deep within, then we are alive with Spirit and at peace with self.

In the seed of death there is also the seed of life planted for us to grow spiritually within.”

M Wright

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