The Quantum Man, Art and Counselling

Freelance lecturer and neuroscientific artist Elizabeth Jameson said:
“Brain-imaging technologies have invited a new language of portraiture, expanding identity beyond external likeness. Through exploration of brain structures, my art conveys an aesthetic of selfhood that remodels what it means to be human.” I found this a rather inspiring statement and came across a piece of art that did just that.

The Quantum Man to me shows how different the world is according to Quantum Physics, it allows me to move around it and see whats happening from different perspectives. In the article they say:

“Quantum physics describes a moving object as consisting of waves oriented perpendicular to its direction of motion. Drawing inspiration from that image, artist Julian Voss-Andreae has created an image of a walking human as a quantum object. Made up of thin, vertically oriented steel sheets representing those waves, the 8’ (2.50 m) tall sculpture is a metaphor for the counter-intuitive world of quantum physics. Symbolizing the dual nature of matter with the appearance of classical reality on the surface and cloudy quantum behavior underneath, the sculpture seems to consist of solid dark steel when seen from the front, but dissolves into almost nothing when seen from the side.”

If you’re wondering why I find this exciting then I need to look at Counselling. According to this philosophy we are all connected. We have to notice the intersection preserving who we are as human beings. Quantum understanding is bringing mind and matter back together. Its like bringing science and spirit back together again. In counselling we help people to reconnect with different aspects of themselves. This process can help people to change their view of separateness in the world which can create such problems when trying to understand what it is to be a human ‘being.’ Please see my friend and colleagues Tim Frekes video who explains it so well.

In the Ecology movement its easy to see how everything in nature is connected, the ecology of the mind also needs to be changed to help people feel differently about themselves to view things from a changed perspective. When we look reality we only see what we believe is possible. We know in counselling that what we think effects those around us and the world we live in.

We help people in creating their own reality, or as New Leaf sees this creating New Leaf Life Design. The Quantum man shows how in many ways its not how you see it initially that makes it real. You have to shift your reality to do this. Art is so brilliant at helping to shift the way we think.

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