Wellbeing and Meaningful Business

As many of you know I’m very fortunate to share an office with the Brand Master Barnaby Adams.  We have worked together for what feels like a decade. We have always had this plan to bring our two works together. Here is our offering. An evolutionary journey to Conscious Business through an exploration of Wellbeing and Meaning. This work takes many strands Consultancy, Training and Action Learning Set process.

We aim to encourage businesses to put Conscious Cultures at the heart of business creating wellbeing and meaningful business. People do business – we go to work – to earn a living. Our wellbeing is often left out of the equation, but catches up with us when we notice how out-of-balance our lives have become.

Now we see a mental health crisis emerging in our workplaces. Companies desperate to retain good staff struggle to offer the right conditions for people to want to stay. Financial incentives and a counselling helpline are not enough. So where do we turn next?

Real change cannot be applied from the outside, it must come from within. We aim to introduce an approach which evolves from the inside out. We invite progressive business leaders to explore what conscious cultures are and how they might be developed within every area of a business.

Evolved conscious cultures are key to solving this mental health crisis and provide creative solutions for the interrelated global environmental emergency. We can deliver increased productivity, industry innovation, staff retention and a beautiful cultural legacy!

To arrange an initial consultation session call 07590 684888 or link to http://www.cuckooo.co.uk/conscious-cultures