Workplace Coaching shows lasting effects for NHS staff

For the past two years Becky Wright of New Leaf has been offering Workplace Coaching to staff at NHS Islington. She is delighted to now be able to share the Workplace Coaching Two Year Evaluation entitled, Valuing staff well-being.

As we move into 2011 there are considerable changes during a period of economic uncertainty which can make the nursing workforce vulnerable and yet there is pressure for nursing staff to be innovative in delivering fresh thinking on how efficiencies can be made while protecting patient care. Workplace Coaching is able to offer a one to one tailor made approach to help staff feel empowered and motivated. For this report a questionnaire was sent to those who were part of the Pilot programme in 2009 the results clearly indicate that the New Leaf Coaching Programme, as delivered by Becky Wright, has more than just a short term benefit. After more than eighteen months, participants are still using the skills they learned to excellent effect.

Ann Whateley Director of Quality and Performance NHS Islington who agreed to foreword the report said,

“It is pleasing to note in the report that both managers and programme participants have seen increased levels of productivity, morale and positivity as a result of the coaching, which in these times of change, is extremely encouraging.”

2010 – the key findings

  • The New Leaf Workplace Coaching programme is, by the nature of its design and delivery, a highly effective tool in the delivery of the recommendations highlighted by the Boorman Review. This was first established in the pilot, and the same outcomes have been delivered in 2010.
  • 97% of the objectives chosen by the participants in their first session were met by the Coaching Programme, with nearly 60% met ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ well.
  • The 2010 cohort felt between 60% and 90% more positive about workplace development against all evaluation statements after five coaching sessions.
  • In terms of personal development, responses show that the impact of the coaching programme was 100% positive.
  • More than 60% of line managers taking part in the evaluation saw real benefits against all outcomes ‘on the ground’, with the greatest improvement in areas such as team working, positivity, confidence and leadership. There were NO recorded negative effects.
  • Managers noted even greater benefits for staff in the area of personal development, with positive changes of up to 85%, most particularly in morale and positivity.
  • 100% of managers believe that their organisation would benefit from Workplace coaching being more widely available, the same percentage as in 2009.


The workplace coaching programme has produced positive results across all areas of the year two evaluation. Workplace and personal development have been supported and significantly enhanced by using a widely praised one-to-one ‘tailor made’ approach that could offer benefits not just to individuals to but to organisations as a whole should it be rolled out more widely. Comments suggest participants appreciated the sensitivity with which the programme was delivered and the opportunity to ‘fine tune’ the objectives to their own needs and to that of their organisation.

Confidence levels have clearly increased. Staff who participated are now much more positive about their working environment and the opportunities they have within it. This is reflected in the managers’ feedback, which shows that managers believe that the coaching programme resulted in significantly more motivated staff.

This evaluation has noted how positively the staff engaged with the process and how supported they felt in it by the Coach. Comments indicate that relationships between coach and participant were entirely positive, and indeed the 2009 participants contacted remain keen to endorse her work.

Please contact Becky Wright [email protected] if you would like to purchase some coaching from her for your workforce.