Embody Weight Loss ‘Focus In’

Introduction to “Focus In”

I believe if you want to lose weight, the place to start, isn’t with your mind, but with your body.

Many weight loss programmes sell you an idealised image of how you can become.  It is in this moment that we mentally separate from ourselves and imagine how we want to be, and whilst this may feel exciting at that moment, this feeling often fades quickly as the pathway between reality, the here and now, and your future body, begins to feel too far apart. You are not imagining how you would look – you are picturing an ideal, so this separation can quickly cause us to lose motivation, become resistant and fall into old patterns of behaviour. We start making excuses about why we can’t get there; we start sabotaging the process.

This recording is different; it starts from a place of ‘possibility’ – what might YOU look like if you lost weight? To facilitate change we need to be able to see and feel both our physical, here and now body, and, the future image of our new self.  We need to be conscious of the small place in ourselves where we feel the resistance building, where we begin our self-sabotage, and we need to use our imagination to create a bridge between our existing self and our new thinner self. We need to build that bridge that will confidently carry us over.

This process allows us to grow in self-confidence and self-belief, which in turn frees us up to feel optimistic and determined again. By doing this you allow yourself to be more present in the body you have now and to actively feel your self-worth grow as you cross the bridge to become your new slimmer, more confident self.

This recording is best used alongside a healthy eating and exercise programme to maximise its effects.

Listen to the introduction to ‘Focus In’

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