The Apple Blessing – Series 2 – Episode 2

On 1st November we held a Apple Blessing Ceremony to celebrate the new chapter of New Leaf in our rural office. This date is linked to The Goddess Pomona who is the goddess of fruitful abundance.  Her name comes from the Latin word pomum,”fruit,” specifically orchard fruit.

Apple MandalaIn this episode we talk about the beautiful Mandala created from nature and left to be absorbed back into the ground. The group assembled make offering of Autumn leaves and berries making offerings into the ceremony.

Each participant poured water from three wells onto the newly planted apple tree. The waters of St Decuman’s Well, St Agnes Fountain in Selworthy Woods and St Agnes Well at Cothelstone. The bowls used were created by students from the Land Based Studies Group of Bridgwater and Taunton College. You can read more about the wells by following the links or on our CSR Projects page 

We also speak about the experience of being blessed and John reads a beautiful poem by John Egan called Learning’s unconfined. Blessed Be!

with each new season

a new leaf grows enlightened

from the darkness that pervades

dwell in the garden

where no fruit is forbidden

in the innocence of dreams

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