The Formal Garden

Episode 05 

The Formal Garden – New Leaf New Control

  • Why the formal garden image?
  • Working with control – learning to trust what emerges
  • Embodied presence

In this episode I want to explore the issue of control and trust with you. In the Life Design image this is represented by the very ordered formal garden image where everything has a place and there is a place for everything.

Using the formal garden image in this visualisation shows a very planned green space which demonstrates people’s need for domination over nature. Often when we look at formal gardens we see geometric shapes such as, squares and triangles, and straight lines.

Formality in life implies a level of discipline to oneself perhaps a set of values that we live by or maybe we work in an organisation where the companies values dominate our working life.

Formality and structure in its rigidity often can prevent chaos but they can also stifle creativity and not let new growth emerge in our lives, we can easily respond to uncertainty by being controlling. However the more we control the less we trust.

The image of the formal garden allows us to bring into formality what needs to be and then let go of what we are being controlling about.

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