Employee counselling (EAP)

New Leaf offer a long established, well respected, confidential counselling (EAP) service for your employees, providing proactive, practical help for a wide range of issues and blocks.

Employee Counselling

A service designed for your company’s individual needs.

Employee Counselling

A pay-as-you-go model – no longterm contracts – perfect for SMEs.

Employee Counselling

A company that is Trading Standards approved.

Employee Counselling

A fully qualified, well experienced team ready when you need it.

Employees will:

  • Not have to face their challenges alone;
  • Explore past events and their impact on current life, their perceptions and their experiences;
  • Learn how to review and challenge their mindset;
  • Say goodbye to negative thought patterns and make way for more positive thinking;
  • Be encouraged to re-design their life and step into a new chapter of their story with confidence.

The New Leaf Employee Counselling (EAP) service is designed to give your employees:

  • Improved self-esteem and self-confidence leading to better personal and professional relationships;
  • Increased ability to understand their feelings and how to express them appropriately;
  • Greater awareness of how to address stress, both within the individual and within the people they work with;
  • More power to manage situations at work and home;
  • Skills to help with relaxation and stress management.

Counselling at New Leaf offers a supportive relationship in which your employees can explore any issue in a non-judgmental, safe environment. Usually this takes place within an agreed number of sessions financed by the employer. It is common for individuals who wish to continue the process, to self-finance and attend further sessions in their own time. Each individual is accepted for who they are and held in unconditional positive regard. Counselling at New Leaf can help your employees see difficulties more objectively and express feelings appropriately, helping them come to terms with new or past experiences. It can be part of a growing process enabling them to change unwanted feelings.

What Counselling (EAP) Service clients think...

All clients are asked to complete an evaluation when they have completed their counselling. These are the responses of the last (at time of production) 45 clients.

What is your overall reaction to the sessions?

How useful has the counselling been to help you with your problems/concerns

How satisfied are you that you have got what you wanted from counselling?

What Counselling (EAP) Service clients say...

The following selection of testimonial extracts are presented anonymously from the counselling evaluation forms. All clients have given their consent for the following information to be shared. We asked ‘What has been the most useful thing about counselling you have received?’

I have met myself and know what I want.
My counsellor was awesome.

Practical strategies to accept the situation and move forward.

By talking about issues I have a new way of looking at life.

Being able to talk openly with someone who is removed from the situation.

Increased self awareness and understanding of behaviour patterns. Concrete practical strategies to improve my wellbeing.

Given me the ability to be honest about painful aspects of myself so that healing can take place.

Space to explore issues that I have not dared to give much thought to.

Made me feel listened to, valued and not judged. It was a safe space to explore my emotions, and discuss strategies to improve my mental health.

This one should read: ‘To be heard and come away with strategies to help me.

Discovering how to deal with the issue/ memory and not let it control me.

Able to understand reasons for my behaviours and anxiety.

Training myself to break certain patterns of behaviour.

For more information or to discuss your particular requirement call or text New Leaf today on 07590 684888 or email Becky Wright directly on [email protected]

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