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With the coronavirus outbreak, today’s environment of fear and uncertainty continues to send major shock waves around the globe.

As a business owner, you are facing new challenges, the likes of which you may never have experienced before. Successfully managing through economic uncertainty is not only challenging but critical – due to the increasing pace of change there is no ‘business-as-normal’ mindset – it is all about the continued focus on sustainability to manage and weather through these trying times.

Our Wellbeing Zoom Room will allow you to check-in and start to explore how to manage the internal and external change.

  • How do we remain transparent and yet face the prospect of lack of income?
  • How do we ensure our own wellbeing isn’t compromised, remaining grounded within this turbulence?
  • How do we engage our creative mind for solutions?
  • It is vital for your business to be working from a position of stability and not one of panic, but how do we maintain control and yet let go of what we cannot manage with confidence?
  • How can we embrace uncertainty and see that within this we have some conscious options to move forward?

Covid-19 is showing us that when humanity is united in common cause, phenomenally rapid change is possible. It’s making us ask many life questions. How did society manage to become so powerful, and remain so fragile in our interconnected economy? The answer to our problem is each other.

These sessions will allow you to enter a space with others, share experiences and receive insights and guidance from each other … we will massage our creative minds!

Zoom sessions up to 90 minutes. Places limited, book yours now!

Email Becky Wright to show an interest:

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Wellbeing and Meaningful Business is a collaborative project originated by Becky Wright and Barnaby Adams. Our purpose is to progress human culture through the development of Conscious Business.

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