New Leaf Counselling Evaluation Feedback from Clients give 100% positive feedback

This year we had our counselling evaluation forms independently evaluated by Suzie Grogan. Everyone receiving counselling is given an evaluation form when they complete the process.

The results show 100% of those taking part thought the experience was a positive one, replying that their overall reaction was very good or good. 100% felt counselling had been very useful or useful in helping them to address issues of importance to them personally and 100% were very satisfied or satisfied that they had got what they wanted out of working with New Leaf. The form did not detail how they came to be part of the counselling process or how the sessions were funded. Only those clients that indicated agreement to their comments being used have been included. Here are a taster of what we received.

‘I am a new person. I have self-awareness and will continue to find ‘me’.’

‘The sessions helped me work through my problems and take control…. I can now see a way forward in all aspects of my life.’

‘Counselling enabled me to recognise the choices I have available to me and encouraged me to seek support to make changes…’

‘My life has changed as a result of having counselling….. My self esteem/confidence is the best it has ever been. I can deal with everyday stresses. I have come off anti-depression tablets. I speak in meetings. I can now say No!’

‘Becky has given me tools that I will use forever.‘

‘I cannot thank Becky and the wonderful service from New Leaf enough. Thank you.’

‘You’re the bizz!’

‘The counselling has made me live for the  now and helped me not to worry about things that I do not have control over…It really helped me put things in perspective.’

‘Supportive, relaxed, honest listening with good advice’

‘I have a much more positive attitude to my way forward as a result of the excellent sessions’

‘I can honestly say that I feel the sessions were seamless, facilitating optimal personal development. There is nothing that could have been improved.’

‘My life has changed significantly in so many positive ways, many of which I could never of even considered a possibility before counselling. I have learnt to accept myself and move forwards with my life to embrace the future and all it holds.’

I want to say a big thank you to all our clients of New Leaf and the dedicated team of counsellors who deliver the counselling service. For the full report please ask and we can email you a copy.


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