Free Counselling Service helps Retail Employees in Somerset

This year has seen many national headlines about retailers in trouble. In Taunton one in 10 shops remain empty. I often wonder how the store manager and staff cope with a shops closure.

For the past fews years I have been an associate counsellor for The Retail Trust. They are a charity providing help and assistance to all people working in, and retired from, retail and associated businesses through a range of services

If this applies to you and you have worries about pressure at work, or in their private life. You may have been a witness to a crime, or have issues to do with addiction. You may be struggling to cope with a personal tragedy in life from past or present, or you might just need to share your problems with someone who will understand, listen, suggest help or just give good advice.

The short term counselling service is available free of charge Call the Retail Trust Helpline 0808 801 0808 the Helpline team who can give you independent advice and support. The conversation will be confidential, so you can have the peace of mind that your personal problems will stay personal.

You can also email [email protected] or text HELPLINE to 88010. You can also visit their website:

You can also ask them about debt advice, hardship grants they say

“ We have organised payments for all kinds of items that have made a big difference to someone’s life such as a washing machine, a carpet, or a mobility scooter, through to paying for someone’s funeral or in exceptional circumstances, a mortgage payment.”

I have discovered that this charity still sometimes remains unknown to many and I wanted to bring it to my readers attention because we all probably know someone who could benefit from their intervention.

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