Conflict in step-families can counselling help?

According to statistics, step-families are the fasting growing type of family in the UK, making up 10 per cent of all families with dependent children. In 2001 there were 631,000 step-families with dependent children in England and Wales, of which 346,000 were married and 285,000 were cohabiting1.

Parentline is a confidential service free from landlines and most mobiles. Call them on 0808 800 2222 for information, advice, guidance and support on any aspect of parenting and family life.  Their opening hours are 7am – midnight.  If you need to speak to someone during the night they can divert your call to the Samaritans who are available to offer emotional support.

Becoming part of a step family can prove difficult for everyone involved. If you are a step parent who has no biological children you will be charged with learning a whole new set of skills that maybe completely unfamiliar to you. You may have concerns about how to cope with this new challenge. You maybe wondering how your going to cope with bonding with a new family.

Counselling can help you to explore these thoughts and feelings. It may also be a good space to look at the effect them joining the family will have on the children. You may like to have a few sessions with your partner to explore how you will integrate into the family and  thinking through strategies on how to manage possible areas of conflict.

If you are interested in accessing couple counselling in Somerset call Becky on 07590684888

1.Grant, H. (2006) The State of the Nation Report – fractured families. Available:

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