Our new Counselling Leaflet created with our clients

Its been such a busy month and one of our challenges was to design a new counselling leaflet. I have always had an aversion to counselling leaflets, they seem to attract pictures of hands holding together or random piles of pebbles on a beach or very over smiley images of counsellors. I wanted to invite our clients of New Leaf to be involved in creating our new leaflet.

Through our social media network we invited counsellors, colleagues and clients to comment on what they felt our service had offered them. From these conversations and testimonials we started to get a real feel for the, ‘Life Design,’ aspect of our work. We then started to really think about what the New Leaf proposition to our clients and contractors and started to define what this consisted off. New Leaf New Life emerged.

The concept of Life Design stems from a desire to help the client recognise the elements in their life that are stunting their growth and preventing them from flourishing and really enjoying the experience of this strange thing we call ‘life’.

The essence of this theme was then carefully pulled together by Pauline Richard Marketing and the design by Barnaby Adams Cuckooo Design Studio and we are all very excited with the result.

We hope you like it too. See the finished result here.

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