In a world where every business claims to be responsible … which ones really mean it?

New Leaf Life Design certainly does and it is grabbing the opportunity to prove its ethical credentials by becoming a Founder member of Responsible 100.

Responsible 100 is a growing social movement. It combines is a management tool for New Leaf Sustainability Ethical Credentialsbusiness, scorings and rankings of responsible businesses, a public internet platform and a soon-to-be-available identification mark to enable people to identify and support businesses that are serious about balancing the pursuit of profit with the health, wealth and happiness of everyone else.

To participate, businesses must answer challenging questions which cover a wide range of responsibility issues that have been devised by leading NGOs and campaign groups. In doing so, businesses are able to better understand their impact on people and planet as well as where and how to improve their practices. By publishing their answers on and offering them up for public scrutiny, comment and rating, they can determine whether they are meeting public expectations in terms of fairness, integrity and contribution.

New Leaf Life Design is excited and proud to continue its trading history working alongside other businesses willing and able to demonstrate the highest levels of transparency and is confident that joining the Responsible 100 movement will add significant value to its core company policies and ethical objectives.

From its head offices on the Hampshire/Dorset border, the independent company is dedicated to giving every customer peace of mind about whom they are dealing with, whilst collectively working towards a common purpose for the benefit of mankind and the planet.

Since our early beginnings New Leaf has always sought to develop a business model which has a strong sustainability message at its core. The company works hard to work in collaboration with others, feeling passionate about being responsible, ethical and moral.

Becky Wright Director New Leaf Life Design said, ” Joining Responsible 100 is very much part of reflecting our ethical business practices. I want our company to be transparent and accountable to the clients that we support. This is very much part of the New Leaf brand. We are very excited to be part of Responsible 100 and actively helping to redefine ‘responsible business’ fit for the 21st Century.”

Responsible 100 website 

New Leafs sustainability statements and community interest funds.

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