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 Would you like to be a MINDFUL EMPLOYER?

Announcing 6 new training events to be held across Somerset; a collaboration between Trading Standards Devon and Somerset, New Leaf Life Design and MINDFUL EMPLOYER.

In the UK almost one in three people have experienced mental health issues while in employment.  Mental ill-health is the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK, costing an average of £1,035 per employee per year.

Research has shown that only 37% of SME employees would tell their boss if they were absent due to mental health. We need to change this by raising awareness of mental health for employers of SMEs in Somerset.

The Work Foundation have released a report entitled, “This Won’t Hurt a Bit,” written by Libby McEnhill and Karen Steadman.   It supports small businesses to be healthy, wealthy and wise.  The report highlights how the connection between employee well-being and economic development work hand in hand, and voices concerns around how SMEs tend to slip through the net.

It’s time in Somerset that we delivered some vital awareness-raising sessions and create a network of MINDFUL EMPLOYERS.   Let’s create workplaces that challenge us, develop our sense of purpose, and support us when things are hard. For a mentally healthy workplace to be built, it is essential that we are there to support those in distress to access help quickly, and those who have recovered from mental health problems, to stay well and enjoy their working life.

Session 1 COMPLETED you can view online 

Monday 20th March, 6.00pm – 8.00pm – Being aware of mental health at work for employers

Mental health is still the elephant in the room in most workplaces.  Employees can be reluctant to raise the subject for fear of discrimination, whilst employers often shy away from the subject, for fear of making matters worse.   This simple brief introduction aims to help you become more aware of mental health at work, and in doing so start to create a more healthy workplace. You will be encouraged to create an environment where everyone in the workplace can flourish, and those in distress can access the support they need.  It is essential to help everyone stay well and you can retain valued members of staff, helping you become a MINDFUL EMPLOYER.

Session 2

Monday 27th March, 6.00pm – 8.00pm COMPLETED View online 

How to stay well at work

In a SME illness can have a dramatic effect on the business being able to deliver your products and services. We all need, and can thrive on some pressure, but excessive amounts can lead to stress. We feel stressed when we don’t feel we have the resources to cope with pressure. Harmful levels of stress can lead to mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression. Staying well at work is key.

As employers we have an important role in improving work-life balance and it is generally recognised that work is good for health and wellbeing.

How can we help people stay well at work?  

In this session we will explore five ways to wellbeing and hear from Jonathan Southgate.  Jonathan will be talking about simple steps to maintaining a healthy body and mind whilst leading a busy life.   Food for the mind….   In a busy life it’s easy to reach for convenience foods, high caffeine energy drinks or even skip meals all together!

This talk illustrates the effect the food and drink you consume has on your performance and wellbeing. You’ll learn some simple life-hacks designed to help you stay energised, focused, and on top of your game in a busy work environment.

Jonathan Southgate – (with the risk of sounding like a lonely hearts column!)

Jonathan has a passion for personal development and has worked in high pressure sales environments countrywide,  for over a decade. Jonathan founded GrowTime Personal Development and Wellbeing late in 2016, with an aim to help people struggling with implementing change in their life.

Session 3 View Online 12th April from 2pm  COMPLETED

Developing Emotional Resilience in yourself and your workplace

This event will explore how to build resilience in you, and your workplace.

This interactive talk offers skills and strategies that will help your resilience grow.  It will draw together stress management techniques and themes of mindful awareness, self confidence and coping with change.  All of which will lead to creating a more resilient you, aiding growth and creating a more sustainable working life for you and your workforce.

We will address three core questions:

  • Why be interested in emotional resilience?
  • Why do our employees need it?
  • Why do you need greater resilience in your life?

Session 4 This event will now take place at Somerset County Council in Taunton on 10th May 

How to create a safe not scary workplace around mental health

People can feel uncomfortable talking with their manager about a mental health condition.  Attitudes are improving, but mental ill-health remains an area of fear and stigma for many.  By being a MINDFUL EMPLOYER you will demonstrate that you are willing to enable employees to disclose their mental ill-health without fear of rejection or prejudice.

This interactive talk will look at examples of good practice, communication skills and how to create a wellbeing plan.

Creating a mentally healthy workplace improves productivity, increases profit and brings out the best of everyone.  Spending eighty pence on health promotion and intervention saves four pounds in costs caused by absenteeism, temporary staff and presenteeism.  It will cost fifty percent less to support and retain experienced employees than it does to recruit and train new ones.  Good working environments can help recovery, prevent distress and reduce the likelihood of more health conditions developing or worsening.

Session 5 – HR Meeting confirmed 10th May 2017

How to be a Mindful Employer – From Survive to Thrive

There are many ways within your business that you can develop a culture where open and honest communication is encouraged; where support and mutual respect are the norm.

This talk aims to encourage an ethos where staff know it’s okay to talk about mental health.  Being a MINDFUL EMPLOYER will also allow staff to tell you if they need any adjustments made to their working practice to assist them with carrying out their job.  We will explore how to give employees greater control over their work and more manageable workloads.

We will explore how to respond to distress at work and encourage an environment for people to open up and talk.  We will introduce the MINDFUL EMPLOYER Charter and be able to recognise when professional help is needed.

Session 6 – To be confirmed
How to manage change and uncertainty in your life transitions.

Transition and change come in many forms and can be sudden or gradually evolving.  They can be stressful, pleasurable, or a mixture of both.  As an employer you will have gone through a significant life change as the business needs have changed.

Resilience is the ability to withstand or recover from difficult situations.  It includes our capacity to make the best of things, cope with stress and rise to the occasion.  We can also become more skilful at noticing when things start to go off-course, giving ourselves the chance to rectify problems at an early stage. 

This interactive talk offers skills and strategies that will help your resilience grow and cope with life transition and change.

We have the ability at work to create spaces where people can come together to find themselves and each other.  The key is the intention and consciousness that create these events.  Focussing on wellbeing at work can increase workforce collaboration, a welcome addition to helping support mental health awareness.

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