Dealing with Emotional Problems

We are all affected by emotions and they can help inform our everyday life – they can help us decide the sort of day we will have. But many people find that they have difficulty dealing with issues that arise from problems they have emotionally. They are sometimes overwhelmed, cannot deal with this and are not able to express themselves effectively. This has a negative effect on the individual and those around them.

New Leaf offers counselling services that can help with this.  They work with individuals helping them to be aware of their emotions and manage them to produce more positive outcomes. At New Leaf you will be encouraged to process emotions and express yourself more freely – you learn not to let them build up which reduces the need to express things in a negative way.

We will show you how to feel, recognise, process and express your emotions in a positive and, hopefully, more appropriate way – this will allow you to lead a happier life.

“I felt so inadequate and low about myself I could not bare to look at myself in the mirror.  I was constantly fighting back the tears (which was out of character), I did not put make up on for weeks when I had not had a day without it since I was about 12 years old.  I felt inadequate as a mother, partner and as a sister, which are very important to me.  In just a few sessions you allowed me to laugh and cry.  Most of all you listened and made some fundamental links I had never made about myself before.  I have done this for others many times, but no one had ever done this for me.  In particular I found the work on boundaries and expectations really powerful.  It has given me a new outlook about self management, both personally and professionally.”

We have had a great deal of success in this area of counselling – working with people from a huge range of backgrounds – so do call to discuss a way forward if you are beginning to feel overwhelmed by life.

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