Panic Attacks Helped with Counselling

1 in 6 UK adults lives with anxiety and an estimated 37% of UK adults are more anxious than they used to be. Anxiety UK will be holding an awareness week this autumn called “Face Your Fears Week”. Face Your Fears Week will be held 25 September – 1 October 2011.

I have just received a counselling evaluation form which when asked, “What had changed for you since receiving the counselling said the following”:

“I’m able to get through my anxiety attacks on my own, im more confident and assertive. She went onto say… All I can say is that I went for my first session a quivering wreck and came out the other side feeling more confident about my life and was able to see a path through.”

It’s so positive that counselling with New Leaf can help people manage their anxiety. With this client we worked with breathing techniques and dealing with the underlying fears that can keep anxiety in place.