Sustainability – Making Global Goals Local

Making Global Goals local

New Leaf has always had strong green principles alongside delivering our wellbeing services and as a small business we have big ambitions to make a difference. 

We recognise as a business we have an impact on the planet and have made a conscious decision to minimise our impact and inspire people around us through collaboration, raising awareness and increasing the connections between people and organisations.

Road Map for change

Our planet faces massive challenges and we are learning about the ongoing impact of the covid-19 pandemic. Studies have shown this has heightened peoples appreciation of sustainability and a growing number of consumers are looking for more socially conscious businesses that can demonstrate real concern about their impacts on the community and the planet. Even more so as we move towards a new normal – people want clean air, more wildlife and stronger communities.

Launched in 2015 by the UN, the Sustainable Development Goals are a roadmap for change. They define global priorities to protect the planet and improve the lives of everyone, everywhere.

They are designed to bring people together to improve economic, environmental and social wellbeing, addressing global priorities such as poverty, climate change and social injustice.

They are ambitious but not impossible and we have just less than a decade to support local action and innovation and rebalance the connection between people and nature.

New Leaf has taken a look at the 17 goals and the 169 associated targets which are designed to be achieved over short, medium and long term. We’ve looked at which ones we can contribute real and meaningful action. It’s true they are complex and they need to be but that doesn’t mean they have to be overwhelming. One thing I’ve noticed is that they are all interlinked – health of people and the health of the planet are connected.

New Leaf’s Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 3 – Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Wellbeing is at the heart of our business – we offer four innovative approaches for better workplace wellbeing and have been supporting local SMEs and the farming community by setting up the first Farmerados Public Pop-up Living Room, providing a supportive space, somewhere you can come alongside each other, no fixing, no agenda, relax, chat and look out for each other. 

We’ve trained over 187 as Mental Health First Aiders and offer free places to those working in Agriculture and the military services.

SDG 12 – Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

We buy local – We support local suppliers and businesses by purchasing equipment and office essentials from local suppliers 

We switched to Bristol Energy, a renewable energy supplier. Our electricity is 100% green renewable electricity and by joining Bristol Energy, we are supporting local energy generators.

SDG 13 – Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

We’ve made a number of ‘Green switches’ within the office and home and have made a conscious decision to use energy efficient materials and consider if any new purchases are necessary.

We try to minimise the amount of energy used by switching off equipment and using more energy efficient lighting.

Sustainability - Making Global Goals Local

SDG 15 – Life On Land

Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of ecosystems and halt biodiversity loss

We’ve recently introduced a wildlife haven with pond, bee and bird friendly shrubs, wildflower areas and butterfly planting in our rural office and most importantly, we needed to build a mental health garden to create a place of wellbeing to work from.

Here are my top tips for getting started

  1. Look to see which ones are relevant don’t be put off by the number we can’t tackle all of them and that’s ok
  2. Think about simple measures you could introduce around your office or home. These first steps could open up further possibilities and connections. New Leaf would love to hear your ideas too.
  3. Open up conversations with people around you – your colleagues,  clients,  suppliers, friends and families. Share what you have done or talk about which goals resonate with you the most, people tend to unite on issues that matter and could lead to opportunities and inspire action.


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