Life Coaching Helps Creativity Flow for Author Vanessa Greene

I had some wonderful news this week about a Life Coaching client of mine called Vanessa Greene. We worked together helping her to reconnect with her creativity and follow her passion. She is an amazing woman. Today, her first novel  The Vintage Teacup Club  is published by Sphere.

I am so pleased for her and the success that she so richly deserves.

Life Coaching Helps Creativity Flow for Author Vanessa Greene

She sent me a lovely message saying,

“THANK YOU so much, for encouraging me to embrace creativity again.” The Vintage Teacup Club will be for sale in bookshops, at Tesco and Waitrose, and available as an eBook via Amazon. Say hello to her on her Facebook page  

Well the word of mouth buzz for The Vintage Teacup Club is already building with women’s fiction bestseller Trisha Ashley calling it ‘a delicious brew of love and friendship’, bestseller Carole Mathews saying ‘this heart-warming story of finding new friends is a lovely debut’ and the Bookseller calling it ‘stylish, upmarket chick lit’ . This is the first time I have heard of chick lit it does have a certain ring to it. Thanks Vanessa for letting me share my connection with you to my readers.

Life Coaching is such a great tool to help people reconnect with their creativity. I often feel that when we are separated from this aspect of ourselves we almost start to withdraw from the world. Creativity is a state of mind and I believe we all posses it but only a few of us will use our creative potential. I often feel that in order for our creativity to re-emerge we need to tap into our conscious and sub conscious, move into the different parts of the mind and understand how to use both in balance.

We live in a world which is shaped by the beliefs, ideas and values of human imagination and culture. Finding ways to develop our creativity and inspire human imagination makes a lot of sense. Creating a more positive culture of creativity has to involve everyone.  Creativity is often associated with free expression and the ability to cope with complexities, lets face it we can’t predict the future but we can start using our creativity to shape it.